BIG METAVERSE: The Next Step in Gaming

Salihu Muhammed
6 min readJun 26, 2022

Games have evolved as with everything on this planet we call home. And with the advent of technology, machines and the internet games have undergone a drastic change, and keep on getting better year by year.

From the very first video game, Computer Space released in 1971 and created by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabne, who would later found Atari, to the game boy in 1989 to the play station 1 in 1994, to the Play station 2 then 3, and on an on till Play Station 5, let alone talk of the Xbox series, video games have come a long way and have just been getting better and better with each new release.

And the next, or at least a branch of the next evolutionary step is Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality gaming, the ideas have been there for a while but technology is just now really catching up with the human imagination.

The development of the blockchain and crypto currency as with any new technological development has far reaching effects and one of the most notable ones is in the area of gaming, because with the blockchain comes play to earn games, which in itself is another evolutionary branch of Gaming, gamers playing and earning without having to go pro, while also owning their in-game assets, being able to trade and sell and convert to fiat at ease.

Now we’ve seen two branching threads of the evolution of games that are just in their early phases, both of them are wonderful, but imagine the wonders that will come from merging both evolutionary branches into one, the heightened gaming experience of Virtual Reality, and the financial freedom that is possible from Play to Earn games, that is what Bridge In Gain Metaverse plans to do, giving you the best of both worlds.


So what Bridge In Gain is doing is creating a gaming world on the metaverse where video games set in either a futuristic utopian or dystopian setting, can be played. The video games come in different genres from Sci-fi to MMORPG to First Person Shooters to Hunting adventure games, and what makes this wonderful is that since it’s a gaming world all these games can be accessed via a portal insode Bridge in Gain, imagine the landing floor of Sword Art Online, but instead of the teleportation device taking you to different floore this will take you to different games with different settings, awesome right.

With Bridge in Gain the way the technology is developed you won’t just have your sense of sight being stimulated but with the inclusion of haptic feed back gloves into the development of the platform tour sense of touch and feel will also be stimulated making the experience more immersive and real.

What sets Bridge In Gain apart from other Play to Earn games in the Metaverse is the choice to start playing and consequently earning with or without paying a penny.

And as with any game that has its own internal economy (this one just being more real since you can turn it to spendable format no matter where you are in the world) the in-game currency of Bridge in Gain metaverse Beads can be bought using your normal fiat currency.

This can be done through the application Bridge in gains Player Super apps, which caters to all the players information needs and can be used to track purchases and keep track of transaction history among many other things including topping up on the in-game currency, Beads.

So, what can one use your Beads for after purchasing them you might ask, we’ll just like in real life you have to have clothes accessories and the likes and on Bridge in Gain metaverse the place to get all that is the Premium Store.

The premium store includes:

WARDROBE: where all the clothing needs of your avatar can be met and exceeded, all can be purchased using the in-game currency.

ACCESSORIES: apart from basic clothing needs you might want to feel fancy and accessories your avatar and this is where it will get done, split into four categories face, shoulder, arms and back, ACCESSORIES has got your back.

CHARACTER INTERFACE: they say first impressions matter and how other players see you at first is your character interface which includes avatar frames, borders pictures, name frames and the likes, in this part of the premium store you can pick and choose how you want your character interface to look.

VEHICLE: you very well can’t be walking everywhere in-game it will be mighty boring, but in her you can buy vehicles split into four categories based on mode of travel, land craft, water craft, air craft, and special crafts.

PROPERTY: after having an Ardh, Flat or Office ( more on these later), you can flesh them out with furniture and other trappings of opulence.

Now you might have noticed that all of these are available in traditional games, but what makes it different in Bridge in Gain metaverse is that unlike traditional games that when you purchase them they still technically belong to the game because they have no real world value. Well with bridge in gain they have real world value, and the items you can purchase are split into different rarity levels, the rarer the more expensive, and to top it up there is a deflationary system in place to make the items purchased increase in value as time goes on so players can sell at a higher price and make a profit that can be spent in the real world.


Now how do you prove and provide ownership in games, by making those in-game assets NFTs of course or what’s the point, but where Bridge in Gain differs from others is that they split theirs into two, the items that can be purchased in the premium stores listed above are the ones designed by the developers of Bridge in Gain Metaverse.

But with their NFT market place they give game developers to that plan to place their games in their metaverse the freedom to create their own versions of wardrobe, accessories, and the likes, this freedom is also extended to the players of those games, so you can create your own unique attires or furniture and stand out, meaning you can be a tailor or carpenter in-game if you so wish, but all of this must be done within certain measurement parameters set by the developers.

And apart from the accessories wardrobe and property the NFT marketplace includes three asset classes:

THE ARDH: this is land in Bridge in Gain metaverse.

THE FLAT: it is of medium rarity and it can be a room a floor or an entire building

THE OFFICE: the rarest it comes in three forms room, floor or building, but it also has three levels either start up enterprise or a holding.

The wonderful thing about having assets as NFTs is that the history of ownership, description, creator, current price, and other information of assets can be available readily.

Well with all we’ve seen it can be said that bridge in gain is well on it’s way to being a leader and forerunner in blockchain VR gaming and taking gaming to new and exciting frontiers.

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