Salihu Muhammed
3 min readJun 10, 2022

So nearly all the people alive currently have heard about crypto currencies, whether they trade, dabble, speculate, invest, or are even just bystanders that watch crypto Currencies in all their glory and sometimes horror and as an extension blockchain.

But not everyone knows what a blockchain is, firstly it is the fundamental backbone of crypto Currencies, with no blockchain there is no crypto. A blockchain is basically a group of computers where all the transactions are simultaneously recorded on all of them at the same time, each computer is basically a block and all of them together form a chain, hence a blockchain, this very nature makes the decentralised possibilities of Crypto currencies possible, because all the information is not held by one single person or entity.

And when it comes to decentralisation DAOs thrive. DAO or DECENTRALISED AUTONOMOUS ORGANISATION, and that is what the topic of this article is about CWD GLOBAL DAO, but to understand the import of CWD GLOBAL DAO, we need a little back story.

DAOS in simple terms are a group of people, a community that pools their resources together and then decide on what to use the pooled funds for. And based on what they use the funds for DAOs are split into the following categories:

GRANT DAOS: they provide funds for projects they deem viable, and depending on the type of grant Dao, it might be specifically geared to provide funds for ideas that want to improve a specific chain, e.g Aave Grants DAO is a community-led program to fund ideas and projects that power the development of Aave Protocol.

OPERATING SYSTEMS DAOS: is a DAO to help create and maintain other DAOs, e.g Aragon used to help create and maintain DAOs on the Ethereum blockchain

PROTOCOL DAOS: similar to Operating system DAOs, protocol DAOs help other platforms launch their own tokens, ideally owned and operated by the respective community e.g. Maker DAO, UNISWAP

INVESTMENT DAOS: as the name implies the pooled funds are used as capital to invest in projects at their earliest stages e.g. MetaCartel, the LAO

SERVICE DAOS: Whereas traditional companies look to consulting firms for advice, protocols and DAOs often have entirely different needs, operating mechanisms, and cultures that are best serviced by other crypto-native contributors, and Service DAOS fill this need e.g. MetaFactory, Fire Eyes

SOCIAL DAOS: A DAO can be small and informal, with just a few members, or it can be large and enterprising, with millions of members, or anything in between, a social gathering of sorts e.g. FWB, Seed Club

COLLECTOR DAOS: these DAOs use their pooled resources to purchase and co-own valuable assets like NFTs e.g. Flamingo, BRRDAO

MEDIA DAOS: Media DAOs turn content consumption into a two-way process and make it more efficient e.g. FOREFRONT, BanklessDAO

CWD GLOBAL DAO is an investment DAO that allows CWD cryptocurrency holders to determine an independent vector of community development for the future and create new products.

This article is an introduction into CWD GLOBAL DAO, we’ll be going more in depth in future articles.