In my previous article on FUJI COMPANY, I listed all the advantages and ways in which they made investment super easy and less stressful for budding investors by compiling all the investment opportunities into three pools depending on the level of risk the investment opportunity comes with, the ICO Pool coming with the more risk but also the highest returns, the IDO Pool being the average in both risk and reward ratio, while the staking pool comes with the least risk but also comes with the least rewards when compared to the other two pools.

But when it comes to the world of business and investment FUJI is not done. They have way more to offer.


Picture this: you’re an entrepreneur, you have a wonderful business model, you have started your company but to move it to the next level you need an injection of funds but you have tapped all the resources close to you, family, friends even acquaintances, and you are at your wits end.

With FUJI all your investor woes are a thing of the past, because FUJI helps match investors and start-ups, so it is not only an advantage to start-ups but investors also enjoy from the ease of using the FUJI platform since it compiles all viable start-ups that have passed through the FUJI system and that they have determined to be viable investment opportunities, which will reduce the amount of time the investors spend looking for start-ups to invest in.


FUJI currently has a portfolio of 64 start-ups that they have vetted as viable for investment, this saves the investor the time it would have taken her to do all the research on the companies herself.

In the case of start-ups another thing that might be a cause for concern is the search for skilled talent, well this problem is also solved on FUJIs platform, skilled talent and start-ups can both find themselves on FUJI, in a match made in business.

FUJI creates an organic business environment and investment platform in which all parties that are involved in business and investment can find what they are looking for.






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