In my Previous articles about IKONIC I looked at how noobs, pros, devs, and event organisers were likely to gain from IKONIC, but I didn’t talk about how the whole NFT mining process was going to take place.

IKONIC has made it super easy and user friendly to mint NFTs on their platform, you don’t need to go through many hours of video editing or picture editing to make your future NFT look good, you can choose a template from a list of cool designs that are already on the IKONIC platform.

The steps are really simple, all you have to do is;

  • upload your video or picture that you want to use for your future NFT

It doesn’t get easier than that folks.

Apart from the ease to which one can mint NFTs on IKONIC they also have some other perks that come with either owning or minting NFTs from IKONIC;

  • As an owner of an IKONIC NFT it can earn you passive income, because you can earn royalties from your NFTs

So we can see that it is easy to create an NFT on IKONIC, it also comes with advantages whether you made the NFT or you bought it, and it catering to Gamers makes it optimised and specifically tailored for that, specialisation is good, and IKONIC is taking advantage of that fact and is tapping a new resource in the NFT world.

Wonderful things are going to happen in the future of gaming and IKONIC




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