IKONIC: A GAMING UPGRADE, the pros experience

So in my last article I introduced to you IKONIC, an NFT platform that is going to revolutionise the NFT and Gaming worlds. Most NFT platforms just allow you to mint any type of NFT you want, basically what catches your fancy.

But IKONIC is different in that it caters to a niche category making it specialised, and we all know the advantages of specialisation, IKONIC is going to cater to the GAMING COMMUNITY, whether you are a pro, noob, or even a gaming company or you just want to host your own competition no matter how small.

Previously I talked about the noobs experience and what they can gain from IKONICS iconic platform, today it’s time to talk about what the pros stand to gain.

Firstly, pros already get paid for what they are good at and what they like doing, obviously that’s playing games but whoever said no to extra money, or another source of income.

Unlike running a youtube channel lets say or having your own gaming blogg, these endeavours if you are popular enough can serve as another revenue generating source, but they are time intensive especially with all the editing that has to go in with making a high quality video, yes you might pay someone to do that, but still not everyone has that luxury,but with Ikonic depending on your aesthetic appeal very little to no editing can go into your videos before you turn them into NFTs.

With IKONIC apart from having another source of income, you can also build your fanbase, nt everyone watches professional gaming, but if they are Crypto enthusiasts and they see your NFTs it might draw them into the world of professional gaming, if not for the love of the game but for the NFTs they might acquire.

IKONIC is changing the game for gamers and gaming companies alike, positive change is good, and from all indications this is very very positive, can’t wait to start seeing the impact of IKONIC on the gaming and NFT worlds.




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