1. Play to Earn
  2. Move to Earn
  3. Auto Staking protocol





  1. 2% of the buy and 5% of the sell fees go to the AUTO-LP WALLET, this is used to inject liquidity into the LUNU/BNB trading pool, this will help keep the price of $LUNU stable since the pool will always have liquidity this way, and this is done every 48hrs by the Auto-LP wallets smart contract
  2. 4% of the buy and 6% of the sell fees go to the RISK CONTROL FUND (RCF), the RCF is the primary backup of the rebase reward system, the funds stored here are used as a backup to pay the rewards in the case of price instability, this greatly reduces downside risk.
  3. 3% of the buy and 5% of the sell fees go directly into THE TREASURY, The Treasury serves as a backup to the backup as it provides support to the RCF in times of extreme price drops, while also funding new products, services and projects that will provide greater value to LANUNA. It also provides the rewards for the play to earn and move to earn.
  4. 1% of all $LUNU traded, both on the buy side and the sell side goes into the FIRE PIT, all tokens that enter the fire pit are burnt and removed from circulation, this will keep the amount of $LUNU in circulation in check, stabilising the price, the more that is traded the more that is burned, the less in circulation the higher the price of $LUNU.



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