Salihu Muhammed
4 min readJun 23, 2022


We all know the general trajectory to which the internet and virtual world is moving, unlike other things in the human life like the environment, global warming and the likes, and the next stage is the metaverse.

Everything in the world evolves and the next evolutionary step in the life of the internet and anything virtual is the metaverse.

The metaverse is still in its early stages of development and with anything in those early stages there are a lot of things that need to be attended to and a lot of holes that need to be filled.

And one of those niches that needs to be filled is the area of application development, and just like the way android dominates the smart phone application space with their play store, so too METACOMS 0lans to dominate the space of application creation and management within the Metaverse which is currently practically empty.

And to dominate this space and make the entry requirements into application development for the metaverse as wide open and as diverse as possible Metacoms have come up with a unique approach to the task.

They have provided future app developers with three levels of difficulty based on their coding skills with which they can create apps on Metacoms:

• EASY: in this level you can start building your apps by combining prepared blocks that are in the 3D visual format and most importantly no coding is required for a complete coding environment.

• MEDIUM: This level is for the intermediate coder or developer that has a level of skill when it comes to app development, and like the first stage You can use prepared blocks but there is also an option to add your own codes and designs in

• Professional: this level is for the coding gurus, those that need no assistance to create an app but code the whole thing from scratch, much like the creators of android and iOS applications.

After the creation of the apps it goes through the Metacoms approval process and it is added to the metaverse app store.

The metaverse because of the level of anonymity lacks a certain level of security when it comes to the development of certain age restrictive spaces that might want to be created for example, betting spaces, speed dating spaces, and metacoms proposes to launch a third-party app that creators can use to input facial recognition and KYC parameters to make sure undesired metaverse users do not get access to their space which is planned to roll out in 2023.

The talk of metaverse spaces leads to another problem that of usage, the metaverse is going to be vast but how do you choose which spaces to enter, what Metacoms proposes is a unique solution in which active spaces are gathered in the centre of the metaverse and the ones that don’t have as frequent use are put in the outskirts, this will make it easier for those traversing the metaverse to find their way. And not to make these parcels of space go to waste once metacoms determines that the activity has reached a certain low they will contact the user and see whether it’s up for sale, so that another developer can use the space and make the Metaverse livelier.

Metacoms wants to take the metaverse space by storm, and they’ve decided to do this by identifying areas that are lacking that they can fill up and if they follow their plans which all indications point to, they’re well on their way to becoming a leading metaverse figure.

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