Salihu Muhammed
4 min readJun 5, 2022


We all love games, though the degree may vary and the type of game may differ, everybody likes playing games, from strategy, to action games and everything in between. The reason for this love is simple, it serves as a stress reliever, as a channel to escape from the real world for a while and just kick back and relax.

A lot of people would like nothing more than to play games for all the days of their lives but currently that is not possible, because of course you have to make money, you need to pay bills and eat, or is it?

With the advent of the block chain and the many innovations it has brought about it especially NFTs and Play to Earn games, the world of gaming is changing and making it possible for the average joe to make a living from doing what he enjoys, and removing sustainable living from playing games away from the realm of E-sports stars and into a domain that is reachable by everyone.

And that is where the topic of todays’ article steps on stage and into the spotlight;


Metakillers is a Play to Earn action battle based RPG (Role Playing Game) that is based on the block chain, as all play to earn games tend to be (duh!!). The game revolves around a gang of prisoners and fighters who put their skills to the test, in one of the most hostile fighting pits and test themselves to see who is the strongest and establish supremacy. As you take down stronger rivals and level up and become stronger in the game the harder it becomes. Levelling up comes with fewer perks and additional responsibilities. The additional responsibilities come in the form of being harder to level up and having more people after you trying to take you down.

As with any game that wants to be successful, Metakillers provides varying game modes to capture the attention of its gamers and keep them excited and intrigued in the game.

They have two zones for various kinds of player modes and they are;

The Battle Mode, and the Island mode.


The type of gameplay in this mode is PVP (Player vs Player) game models, in individual combat or grouped combat.

  1. FIGHTING ARENA: In this mode the gameplay is Player vs Player oriented, it is a battlefield in which all players no matter the level, from the noobiest of noobs with barely any experience to tough as nails veterans, get to fight against one another and prove their skills. Fighters can challenge themselves or they can leave it entirely to luck and let the cocomputermputer pick their challengers. The fighting arena is the arena with the least hostile atmosphere.
  2. WAR ZONE MMP: this is where the big boys come to gang up and play. It is a battleground meant exclusively for massively multiplayer fights, it is an arena where the toughest gang of fighters come to decide which gang is strongest and settle scores. The war zone can accommodate only 14 players at a time, seven from each gang. The war zone is so hazardous to the weak and untrained that there is a set of advices for those that want to venture into it;

Always make sure you enter the war zone with your strongest allies, and;

Collect at least a red and green battle chest each before entering the war zone

Why these instructions, because apart from other teams in the war zone, these precautions will help against environmental hurdles.


In this game mode the gameplay is PVE (Player vs Environment). The game here rotates around the player, whose task is to surmount difficulties brought about by the game environment, from battle to endurance to advancement of land. There are three areas in this island mode and they all require a player to have a specific amount of $KILL to be granted entrance based on the difficulty of the area, this is to make sure that the person has the necessary skill and equipment to survive there.

The first is the HUNGRY ISLAND where you only need 100 $KILL in your wallet, the easiest island when compared to the other two. The next island is GILHAZY ISLAND which is the next and the intermediate island with a requirement of 200 $KILL. And finally the toughest island and the hardest to survive is the UNKNOWN HOLM with a requirement of 300 $KILL. What makes the difficulties of the separate islands stand out is that the difficulties of the zombies and aliens to kill differ and their strengths increase as you go from island to island.

And that is the gameplay for Metakillers in the next article we’ll look at the fundamentals and other ways to make money from Metakillers. Check them out with the links below and have fun.

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