Salihu Muhammed
4 min readJun 5, 2022


In my other article about metakillers I talked about the game play of Metakillers which is a Play to Earn action battle based RPG (Role Playing Game) that is based on the block chain, as all play to earn games tend to be (duh!!). The game revolves around a gang of prisoners and fighters who put their skills to the test, in one of the most hostile fighting pits and test themselves to see who is the strongest and establish supremacy.

In this article I am going to talk about the fundamentals behind the whole metakillers platform, and the many ways with which you can earn on metakillers apart from the Play to Earn feature.


Unlike in the traditional gaming sector where in-game characters and add ons do not belong to the player even if she used money to purchase them, the introduction of NFTs into gaming have changed that, and Metakillers has taken full advantage of that.

The NFTs in the MetaKiller community are categorised based on two criteria, their probability of occurrence and the game mode they are used in.

  1. BASED ON GAME MODE: in my last article I talked about the two game modes MetaKillers has, the Battle mode and the Island mode. NFTs in the battle mode are usually weapons, other warfare accessories, combat skill sets and defence items, basically things that will make you stronger against other opponents. In the Island mode however NFTs are pieces of land, vehicles, weapons and buildings, again things that will help you survive in the different zones of the Island mode
  2. BASED ON PROBABILITY: the NFTs in MetaKillers can also be grouped based on the level of rarity, this probability metric also helps to determine the value of the NFTs. There are four classifications based on chance of occurrence; common, uncommon, rare and super rare. The rarer the NFT the higher the stats and upgrade it gives a player, be it a weapon, defensive items, combat skill sets or other NFTs.


The MetaKillers network has its own NFT marketplace that is interoperable with other NFT marketplaces, so that MetaKiller character and gear NFTs can be traded on other NFT platforms on other blockchains.

The marketplace will be launched in the second stage according to their roadmap, it will function both on-chain and off-chain.

The on-chain marketplaces are Open Sea, Airnfts, Binance NFTs, while the off-chian marketplace is the in-game marketplace where players can buy and trade gaming items


This is the native token, the in-game currency and the driving force that lubricates the entire metakillers ecosystem. $KILL is hosted on the Binance Smart Chain as that is the network metakillers is launched on, there is a total supply of 10 Billion $KILL tokens and they are allocated thus;

  1. 5 Billion tokens used to provide liquidity to $KILL pairs on Decentralised Exchanges
  2. 1.5 Billion tokens as rewards to Metakiller players
  3. 1.5 Billion as rewards to stakers
  4. 1.4 Billion to Farming pools
  5. 350 million offered to investors for sale in various rounds
  6. 150 million to the Metakiller core team, and;
  7. 100 million tokens to advisors

The native token $KILL is not only to be used as a reward for players of MetaKillers but as another means of making money by;


There are a total of three pools into which people can put their $KILL tokens in to gain passive income and earn impressive rewards.

  1. Pool 1: this pool has a lock up period of 30 days and the APY for this pool can reach up to 500%
  2. Pool 2: this pool has a lock up period of 15 days and an APY that ranges from 200–300%
  3. Pool 3: this pool has no lock up period and hence has no fixed APY, but the rewards depend on the length of time the funds are kept in the pool.


This is the second way users can earn passive income from MetaKillers. Investors can farm their assets in one of their farms $ BNB/KILL, $ BUSD/KILL, $ CAKE/KILL or $ USDC/KILL and harvest their rewards in $KILL.

So there it is, the other ways you can earn money from MetaKillers without playing their game, this makes it a viable source of passive income even for people that are not gamers, since the token has utilutilityity as an in-game currency and will always have value.

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