Salihu Muhammed
2 min readJun 14, 2022

Dog a man’s best friend right from the time over 15,000 years ago when the first dogs were domesticated they have helped man in hunting, herding, pulling loads, protection, assisting police and the military, companionship, therapy, and aiding disabled people. They have been selectively bred for different features, sensory capabilities, temperament, size, and other physical attributes. And all of this combined, the coevolution and the usefulness of our furry four legged friends have earned them the moniker of “Man’s Best Friend”, a moniker that is well and truly deserved as can be attested by the heroic feats of PATRON the Ukrainian landmine finder and mascot of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine and that is the mascot of the topic of today’s article, “Patron Doge”.

Patron Doge is a community driven meme coin whose aim is to celebrate all the heroic dogs out there that are risking their lives for their human companions, and the top of that list is PATRON because he has detected 236 unexploded Russian explosive devices by 8 May, during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, that is why he is the face and mascot of patron Doge.

The team plan to support and celebrate these brave dogs and companions by donating 10% of funds. They’re going to get these funds by launching NFTs and minting a token.


Patron Doge plans to release an NFT to commemorate each heroic deed of their dogs, to increase their fame, they will also make the NFTs compatible with the SANDBOX game. The NFTs of these dogs will be capped at a maximum of 100 per event to keep them rare and valuable.

The NFTs will be minted in the following ratios

Common — 70%

• Uncommon — 20%

• Rare — 6%

• Epic — 3%

• Legendary — 1%

The whole purpose of minting the dogs and their heroic deeds as NFTs is to immortalise them in human memory and to make sure that their deeds and sacrifices are always remembered and sung.

In my next article about Patron Doge, we will take a deeper look into their token and it’s tokenomics.

Patron Doge Website | Patron DogeTwitter