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In this article I am going to be enlightening you about the Play to Earn game that is on the ISLAND block chain, it is THE BLACK FOREST AND UNICORNIA, but with any good story a background is needed for the full impact of the subject to be felt, so from here lets diverge and go into the introduction shall we;

With any new technological advancement there are always advantages and disadvantages but we as human beings always hope that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Because if not to make life better, what, what then was the point in developing the new technology? if it does not lead to the betterment of human existence in the positive sense, can it then be called advancement.

In the last decade one of the most promising and important technological advancements was that of the block chain, it helped develop crypto currencies. And we all know the major advantages that the advent of crypto currency and the blockchain have given us in the form of financial freedom and anonymity which the current and still prevalent fiat system does not give, and with the advantages of crypto currencies and the block chain technology outweighing the negatives or disadvantages, we can say with confidence that it is an advancement.

And with any advancement there are bound to be off shoots and sprouts of technology that were inspired directly or indirectly by the advancement, and with blockchain and crypto currency two major offshoots have come about because of their development, and they are Move to Earn, Play to Earn and NFTs.


As the name implies you move and you earn, most move to earn platforms give you certain tasks that you have to complete within certain time limits.


This is another development that was allowed to come to life because of the advent of the block chian technology and crypto currency, the simple and short story is that, you play games and you get paid for playing the games.


These are digital assets which can be audio, visual, or audio visual, they can not be replicated and can not be interchanged for one another. If you have one and another person has one even though they look similar, because of their digital tag, they are different and unique.


So back to unicornia it combines two of these features together into a wonderful experience, and these are NFTs and Play to Earn.

Unlike traditional games where you do not own your characters, it is not like that with UNICORNIA because the unicorns that you mint are yours and you can resell them when you do not want them anymore.

So what do you do with the unicorns that you have minted from unicornia, you venture into the black forest and do battle with the creatures there of course, and because it is a Play to Earn you get rewarded with $ISLAND.

UNICORNIA combines two of the features of blockchain NFTs and Play to Earn, into a wonderful game on the Island Block chain, and this comes with the inherent advantage of giving financial freedom.

Check them; the island, the black forest and unicornia out here:




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